Virus Disease in Canna Lilies
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Investigating Virus Membrane Interactions
Potato virus X proteins associate with the ER
Developing nanotechnologies for plant biology
Using nanoparticles in plant cells
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Using Confocal microscopy to study viral protein


Dr. Verchot is a Professor of Plant Virology.  Her research over the course of her career has focused on molecular and cellular aspects of plant virus infection.  She obtained her PhD in 1995 from Texas A&M University.  Post Doctoral Research was conducted at The Sainsbury Laboratory.  She was hired as Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University in 1998.  She has written papers focusing on positive strand RNA virus infection cycles and particular virus members of the potyvirus, furovirus, potexvirus, and tobamovirus genera.  While early work at Oklahoma State University focused on investigations of soilborne plant viruses infecting wheat, the major focus of her work has been to uncover the mechanism for virus intercellular transport, the role of cellular membranes in plant virus infection, and the role of ER stress in regulating plant virus disease.  This primary avenue of research mainly employs Potato virus X.  Most recent research focuses on virus detection and diagnostics in Canna Lily.  Additional projects focus on nanotechnology in agriculture.  Dr Verchot has published extensively in peer reviewed journals.  In 2007 she was an invited scholar at Cambridge University and has given numerous invited presentations at national and international venues.