Refereed and Other Publications

Refereed Journal Articles (52 refereed articles, 15 book chapters, 9 other publications)

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Book Chapters and Proceedings

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Abstracts and Proceedings
1. Verchot-Lubicz, J., Ye., CM, Dickman, MD (2009) Proceedings IS-MPMI:  Potato virus X TGBp3 protein induces ER stress and programmed cell death.
2.  Verchot-Lubicz, J., Ju, H.-J., Samuels, T. D. (2006) Cell-to-Cell Movement of Potato Virus X.  (2006)  Proceedings of the XII International Society of Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction Conferece in Merida. Mexico
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4. Hunger, R.M., Verchot, J., Siegerist, W.C., Myers, L., and Payton, M. 1998. Effect of wheat soilborne mosaic on yield and quality of grain from wheat. Phytopathology 88(9-supplement):S42.OAES Publication:   Partners in Progress Report for 1998, 1999, and 2000.  These are three reports submitted by the Wheat Improvement Team
5. Annual Wheat Newsletter 1999 and 2000 contains articles by the Wheat Improvement team.  1999, 2000 articles submitted by R. M. Hunger and J. Verchot concerning research on BYDV and WSBMV.
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